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Pinocchio's Nose Grows

(Step into Reading, Step 1)

By Barbara Gaines Winkelman
This Step 1 retelling of the classic Pinocchio focuses on Pinocchio’s first lesson about choosing between right and wrong. Readers see his nose grow as a result of telling a lie. But the Blue Fairy forgives Pinocchio once he realizes the error of his ways. Pinocchio’s nose is restored to normal, and he is on his way to becoming a real boy.

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(Classics Series)
This marvelous Disney Classic ties-in with Disney Studios' theatrical re-release of Pinocchio this summer. This captivating animated motion picture, which has charmed audiences for over 50 years, promises to be a blockbuster. Full-color illustrations on every page.

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(Little Golden Book)


(Little Golden Book)

My Coloring Book
Coloring Book

Walt Disney's Classic Pinocchio

(Songbook and Recorder)

By Hal Leonard Publishing

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