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Atlantis The Lost Empire: A Read-Aloud Storybook

By Cathy Hapka

Spanish Edition Also Available
Disney’s Atlantis, the gripping story of an explorer’s search for an underwater world, makes a great Read-Aloud Storybook! Young children will truly love this hardcover book, which is packed with 64 pages of full-color illustrations and retells the unforgettable story from beginning to end.

Description from Publisher

Disney's "Atlantis - The Lost Empire": The Essential Guide

By David John
Use this guide to discover Atlantis for yourself! Each hero, villain, machine, and monster is clearly explained, and the adventure is put in context by colour photography that gives a view of the world in Milo's day.

Description from Publisher

Atlantis The Lost Empire

(Ultimate Sticker Books)
What a find! The priceless treasures, amusing characters, and amazing vehicles from Disney's "Atlantis: The Lost Empire" are all found in one just-have sticker book, The Ultimate Atlantis: The Lost Empire Sticker Book. The book contains over 60 reusable stickers of the movie's characters, the Sheperd's Journal, Ulysses, the expedition submarine, aquatic crafts and much, much more!

Description from Publisher

Kida and the Crystal

(Step into Reading, Step 3)
Young readers will dive into this 48-page reader featuring the adventures of Princess Kida and all the other characters from the new Disney animated film Atlantis.

Description from Publisher

Atlantis: The Lost Empire Essential Guide

By David John
The definitive guide to the world's most legendary lost city.

Get ready for an unforgettable adventure! It's 1914 and bumbling cartographer Milo James Thatch is determined to find the lost empire of Atlantis using the cryptic Sheperd's Journal, an ancient guidebook found by his grandfather, a famous explorer. Accompanied by a motley expedition team, Milo finds danger and friendship in the forgotten city. Grab your own guide to the ultimate adventure -- DK's The Essential Guide Atlantis: The Lost Empire. The guide brings DK's unique design style to Disney's rich cast of characters, locations, and bizarre vessels featured in the movie. This official pictorial guide gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the adventure of a lifetime. Inside You'll Find: The story of the Sheperd's Journal with timeline tracing Atlantis's history back through the mists of time, plus the code to the Atlantean language. Fascinating annotated illustrations depict the amazing vehicles and vessels, and displayed in brilliantly animated color. Exclusive profiles of the movie's characters.

Description from Publisher

Disney's How to Draw Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire

By Walter Foster Publishing
Milo studied everything he could get his hands on about the mythical city of Atlantis, so when opportunity knocked, he was ready for the expedition of a lifetime. Now you can follow Milo’s lead as you learn how to draw all the characters in Disney’s exciting feature film, Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Find out about the special traits that make each person unique, from Dr. Sweet’s bulging biceps to courageous Kida’s big spirit. With interesting facts about the movie and drawing tips from real Disney artists, this book is sure to be one exciting learning adventure!

Description from Publisher

Mystery Mission :
Atlantis The Lost Empire

(Sticker Time)
Kids tell the story in this coloring and sticker book. Story starters on each page invite young explorers to write their own versions of the journey to find the mother crystal. The pages can be completed by coloring and adding the enclosed stickers.

Description from Publisher

Atlantis The Lost Empire: Pull-Out Poster and Card Book
A must-have for every Atlantis fan. Includes 13 posters packed with facts and 64 Atlantis cards that can be used to play five different Atlantis games with game board included.

Description from Publisher

Milo's Story
The adventure of the lost civilization continues! Milo and the rest of the characters from Atlantis appear in this easy-to-read chapter book that takes young adventurers deeper and deeper into the mysteries of the strange subterranean world.

Description from Publisher

Explore the Ancient World

(Reusable Stickers)
Packed with over 40 full-color, reusable stickers, this interactive book allows children to join in the adventures by placing their favorite characters and vehicles in scenes from the movie Atlantis. The stickers can be used again and again–and coated inside covers provide a space for children to make up their own great stories.

Description from Publisher

Quest for the Secret City
This retelling of the film is packed with games, puzzles, mazes, and activities that will challenge young explorers.

Description from Publisher

The Search Begins
An exciting scene from Disney’s Atlantis: The Lost Empire is retold and illustrated in a comic-book style that action-adventure fans will love.

Description from Publisher

Adventure Vehicles
Clang, whirl, rattle! Submarines submerge, wings extend, and the claws of a mechanical monster reach out from the multiple pull tabs on each page of this dynamic new Pull-a-Page featuring the machines and vehicles from the new animated Disney film.

Description from Publisher

Journey to the Bottom of the Sea:
Disney's Atlantis the Lost Empire

(Growth Chart Coloring)

Spanish Edition Also Available
Young readers will discover just how far their imaginations can go with pages of coloring fun plus an incredible full-color 4-foot depth chart.

Description from Publisher

This item is actually a "Depth Chart"- like the deep water diagrams you might see in National Geographic Magazine- not a "Growth Chart" as stated in the title. The chart is a pull-out feature with a coloring book. Very colorful and fun to hang on the wall!

Description from Amazon.com Customer Review

Welcome to My World

By Cynthia Benjamin
Join Milo as Princess Kida takes him on an unforgettable tour of Atlantis in this colorful chapter from the hit film.

Description from Publisher

The Mark of a Princess
Young readers will be able to re-create Princess Kida’s tribal markings with four sheets of full-color tattoos! The exciting storybook retells the story of Kida and the warriors of Atlantis as they struggle to save the empire before it is lost forever.

Description from Publisher

Atlantis: The Lost Empire

(Graphic Novel)

By Greg Ehrbar and Carson Van Osten
Take it from someone who's seen the movie. Atlantis is very far down on my list of Disney features. But if you're wondering what exactly went wrong, I'd advise buying the graphic novelization. Obviously, the writer was working from an earlier draft of the script and elements from the movie that are completely perplexing on screen are cleared up in this re-telling -- especially in the final battle between Milo and the movie's villain. (My 8-year-old daughter actually commented on that fact after reading this adaptation.) Comparing the film and the adaptation tells a fascinating story about some of the last-minute plot meddling that may have happened to help save this doomed feature. I'd advise that any completist Disney collector should have both the movie and this adaptation on his or her shelf. I know Greg Ehrbar as the name behind some very handsome and well-told French-language Disney comic book adaptions that are available only in France. But, I'm afraid no one could have made this feature completely intelligible. Perhaps the film makers concentrated too much on capturing the style of Production Designer Mike "Hellboy" Mignola. I only wished that they had paid a little more to the one detail Disney usually does best -- story.

Description from Amazon.com Customer Review

Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire: The Junior Novelization

By Lara Bergen and Tab Murphy
Young readers will get the whole story in this full-length novelization of the latest Disney feature film. This Junior Novel includes an eight-page, full-color insert featuring exciting scenes from the film.

Description from Publisher

The Journal of Milo Thatch

By Preston B. Whitmore

Spanish Edition Also Available
Milo's Journal will provide readers with a "genuine artifact" from Disney's newest animated adventure.

The pages of Milo's Journal are filled with notes, drawings, Atlantean passages, and translations compiled by the film's protagonist, Milo Thatch. Now, Atlantis fans everywhere can live the life of a true adventurer and experience the search for and discovery of the lost empire with Milo.

Readers will find hours of fun and adventure deciphering pages of Atlantean script, reviewing Milo's translations and perusing the notes. They'll also have the opportunity to make some discoveries of their own. The journal is for fans from 8-88 who wish to extend the fantasy of Disney's riveting adventure.

Description from Publisher

Disney's Atlantis The Lost Empire: The Illustrated Script
Atlantis: The Illustrated Script combines the best elements of "art of/making of" books and illustrated screenplays. The "work-in-progress" script is illustrated using preproduction artwork offering readers a window into the filmmakers' creative process.

Unlike standard illustrated scripts - which feature final film frames - this unorthodox volume is filled with integrity and insightful notes, humorous sketches, along with the film's energetic, graphic-style development artwork.

Description from Publisher

Atlantis - El Imperio Perdido

(Spanish Coloring Book)



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